Little boy improvises with a toy trumpet, surprising everyone at a jazz concert

There are people who seem to carry music in their veins and a boy named Boone is one of the best examples. Boone is the son of Stefanie Anthony. Mother and son were taking a walk when they ran into a band playing their music live and the boy’s reaction left everyone simply speechless. The family is originally from the town of Pensacola in Florida, United States. It was the band “Where Ya AT Brass”, a jazz band that was formed in 2010 and since then they have been performing on the streets and in some venues. During all these years they have received all kinds of awards and recognitions, but few have been as unforgettable as little Boone’s reaction when he decided to join them and enjoy his music to the fullest. Boone and his parents were on vacation in the city of New Orleans. When Stefanie noticed that her son was very excited to hear the live music, she decided to get a little closer.

Little did she know that what her son really wanted was to join the band and accompany them with a toy trumpet that the little boy improvised with the first thing he found within his reach. A video captured this emotional moment and the sweet baby can be seen enjoying the tune more than anyone else as he plays on his toy trumpet. The video has already been viewed nearly 7 million times worldwide. The cunning baby stands next to the real trumpet player and doesn’t hesitate to mimic his movements as he moves his hips from side to side. All the members of the band are impressed with the very special fan that they have just won, so they do nothing but continue playing with him and make him feel like one of the family. Boone has just completed the first year of his life.

Applause rains down both for the band and for the adorable Boone who showed that he has the music inside of him. Stefanie did not stop receiving comments to enroll her son in music classes so that he can become a professional. Stefanie posted the funny video through her Facebook account and took the opportunity to congratulate the band for the beautiful energy they create. There is no doubt that the cute Boone was born to enjoy music. We will surely still be hearing about him in a few years.


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