Looking at her beautiful face, you will never think that she has such a body

And here it can! Meet Maggie Mae Russell, a fitness model and famous bodybuilder from Australia. Maggie is 20 years old, and she has achieved a lot by improving her body.

Don’t think her body looks like this all the time. Just now the girl is preparing for the important World Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion championship, which she wants to win. Maggie’s day is scheduled in detail by the hour. A mandatory item in her daily schedule is four-hour enhanced training, as a result of which the relief is clearly drawn.

“I have strength training six days a week, cardio workouts every day, 2 times a day,” says the fitness beauty. To become a world champion, the girl also reviewed her diet. She eliminated any food containing carbohydrates. The entire diet consists of vegetables and foods rich in protein.

In total, she consumes 1,000 calories per day. Of course, such a small amount of calories with high energy expenditure can lead to serious health problems. However, Maggie does not follow this regime all the time – the girl made such sacrifices only before the championship in order to turn excess fat mass into muscles.

Maggie has more than 19,000 fans on Instagram, with whom she willingly shares fresh pictures and new achievements in preparation for the competition. “How to become happy? Stop comparing yourself to others!” — she claims on her page in the social network.

Among her photographs, there is one postcard on which it is written: “When one flower grows next to another, it does not compare itself with a neighbor, but simply blooms.” In the photo on the left – is May 2015, on the right – is October 2015. In less than half a year, Maggie achieved simply amazing results.

Someone admires the pumped up, toned, muscular body of a young Australian woman, someone thinks that it is ugly, and the female body should not be like that – how many people, so many opinions.

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