Man appears on Got Talent with ‘loud voice’ after singing on subway for 37 years

Sometimes talent is found in the most unlikely places, like the New York City subway. We don’t know much about Mike Yung, but we do know he has an amazing voice. The performance in the video below was so powerful it lifted everyone out of their seats. Arrived on stage, he reveals that he is fifty years old and has been singing in the New York subway for 37 years.

Source: YouTube/Talent Recap

It must have been a constant struggle for him, but he seemed quite content with what he had done. You’ve probably seen it in viral videos on Facebook, which were filmed in New York City subway stations. Mike Yung sang there for about 37 years and now he’s finally showing his talent on America’s Got Talent. “Success is what you do. There’s no better scene and there’s no better place to be right now,” Mike said before he started singing The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody.”

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Although Heidi thought there was a certain “roughness” to her voice, Howie and Simon liked Mike’s soul, and even the “roughness” emphasized by Heidi. Mel B said “no” to Mike because he felt he was “losing” something, so Mike’s fate was put in Heidi’s hands! After the crowd encouraged Heidi to accept Mike, she gave him a yes! Take a look and see with your own eyes the talent of this man. Post your impressions below in the comments section.


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