Man Bought Old Warehouse Full Of Boxes For Good Luck And Started Seeing What Was Hidden Inside: Video

A man bought an old warehouse full of boxes at an auction. The case cost him several hundred dollars: the guy spent an impressive amount on good fortune, because he hoped to find valuables in the boxes. After having settled all the formalities, he receives the keys and decides to immediately record on camera what is hidden inside each box. Such a takeover of old warehouses is usually carried out by professionals.

The business owner rents out these little closets for little money to anyone who wants to rent – people store here either what won’t fit in the garage or valuables they want to hide somewhere safe . But such a system has a peculiarity. Warehouse rent is paid monthly. If the owner disappears for a year, the tenant company has the right to put the contents of the pantry at a special auction.

And this has spawned a whole “treasure hunter” business: warehouses sell out in minutes, and the cost of each can run into the tens of thousands of dollars – if the purchase seems profitable to several seekers at once.

This time, the man was lucky enough to spend around $2,000 buying a warehouse, about the average figure in the business. There were few boxes in the pantry, but it brought good luck. In addition, several boxes seemed promising to him. Most of the old boxes in the warehouse were filled with original mugs from Germany. This means that the owner has collected a collection and a collection can still be sold for a lot of money. But the buyer was mainly interested in another box where the previous owner kept valuables. And here the man was waiting for a real jackpot. The box was filled to the brim with silver and gold jewelry. In one of the departments, the buyer also found a rare watch – only they cost about two thousand dollars.

The new owner filmed the whole unpacking process on camera: in the end, they managed to get around $3,000 for the warehouse. The man was lucky with this lot.


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