Miss Universe showed up without makeup and posted photos online. She behaves like this every day.

It is a common misconception that only women unable to improve themselves are considered ugly. 24-year-old Filipina Catriona Gray was recently amazed as “Miss Universe 2018” after wowing the judges and the world with her beautiful beauty. She wore stylish clothes, makeup that made her skin silky smooth, and well-groomed hair for the competition, which made her look lovely, adorable, and radiant. She nevertheless chose to present herself on the networks as she is, without any makeup, despite all the glamor.

With this, she proved why some people think she is the most beautiful woman in the world, namely the fact that she is flawless even when she is not wearing makeup; in fact, some people even think it looks best when it’s in its natural state.

Without any makeup, the features of the young woman are clearly visible; if they do not look exactly like those of the women of his country, his eyes and eyelids seem rather typical. She could devote a lot of time to maintaining the skin because it is beautiful and healthy. Catriona is having fun like never before after defeating over 90 competitors.

When she was declared the winner and displayed her dominance in the parade while donning a bathing suit, party attire, and cleverly answering questions from the jury, her popularity soared to a new high. Competitors in this type of tournament have to prepare for a very long time, as many people already know, and they have to learn everything from walking to answering questions to fixing themselves.

In order to avoid giving an unachievable image, the winner had no problem being authentic with her followers online. Even before being crowned, Gray shared a number of photos of herself on Instagram that showed her in her most stunning and unaltered state. Fans online have been captivated by her simplicity, charisma and beauty and think she deserves such a crown. We must never forget that a person’s heart and mind are considerably more important than their looks.

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