Mom convinced the kids that they needed to lie on the floor to «load their pajamas». And it worked !

Often parents resort to tricks to calm their children or to persuade them to do this or that.

This little lie, is for the benefit of the child, and not to the detriment.

A young mother of two hyperactive daughters faced difficulties. She could not calm the children before sleep.

Then she came up with a way by buying them pajamas that glow in the dark.

The girls were delighted. But mom told them that pajamas should be charged every night under the chandelier so that they glow.

The children believed and every night before going to bed they lay down on the floor under the lamp and waited for their pajamas to be charged.

The young mother said that the girls have sensory problems and are hyperactive.

All day children are in motion, and in the evening they cannot calm down and fall asleep.

And even when they fall asleep, they sleep very restlessly at night.

Before that, she had tried various ways to calm them down.

She tried to get them to draw, read fairy tales to them and sang songs, but the girls ran and jumped restlessly around the house.

Psychologists advise in such cases to engage the child in creativity, so they spend mental energy instead of physical energy.

But in practice it turned out to be very difficult. The girls could not cope with their emotions in the evening.

Then the young mother thought of such a cunning way. Bought them phosphor pajamas.

The method worked. Every day children obediently lie on the floor.

The woman posted the video on the Internet to share her experience. Maybe someone else will need it.

The video got a lot of views. Netizens praised young mother for such an idea. After all such a lie can not be considered a deception.

It remains to be seen how long this method will last. Surely girls will guess sooner or later that their mother deceived them.

Then the inventive mom will have to come up with something new. It is very interesting what it will be next time?

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