Mom couldn’t walk, but went to prom with her son at his wedding

The groom’s dance with his mother is a very touching part of any wedding. But this family faced a big problem.
Amy Wynn is a happy mother of three children.

But once, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This disease affected his nervous system, causing him to gradually lose his motor skills. Eventually she stopped walking.

His treatment requires a huge amount of money, which his relatives do not have. But they did not give up, trying to accumulate the necessary money using the Internet.

Recently, her son was getting married. He understood that his mother would not be able to dance with him at the wedding, so he started thinking about solving this problem.

And so, on this special day, the guy pulled his mom out of the stroller and literally held her for the whole dance.

Mom burst into tears at this stage.

Indigenous women hope that through this video they will save the money needed for treatment.

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