Mom of 4 reveals what she has to go through to change them

Corey White is from Ontario. She is the mother of 4 children. When she had her next child after her eldest, she realized the great difficulties that awaited her. However, he notes that while keeping and raising them is difficult, it’s not boring at the same time.

This woman had a triplet. She takes care of her 4 little ones at the same time. He manages to get back to his Facebook page. She named the page The Baby Gang. On this page, she posts videos of her little ones and shows how difficult it is to raise and raise them at the same time. Internet users are amazed at how a woman manages to have 4 children at the same time. After all, he is only 26 years old.

Subscribers of the mother of many children are touched by the patience she shows, coping with four gigots, and at the same time, a smile does not leave Corrie’s face! It seems that this woman is equanimity itself!

Recently, Corrie White posted a video on her page showing how she, while getting her children, Emily, 2, and Olivia, Jackson and Levi, 8 months, ready, transforms them into night pajamas. It has already been seen by over 40 million people worldwide!

The young mother is still able to smile.
Watch the video and evaluate for yourself.

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