Named the main mistakes of girls on the first date

Often, people who met on the Internet do not continue their relationship after the first date. Experts called the main mistakes that girls can make

The most common mistake is the thoughtless consent of the girl to the offer to treat her with something or buy something. Experts advise not to refuse the offer, but not to give the young man an exam for generosity.

Also, a girl should not dress up for a first date as the main day in her life and make claims to a guy if he came in jeans and sneakers.

The third mistake is to talk about your former relationship on the first date. Also, don’t ask a guy about his ex-girlfriends.

Also, don’t talk about yourself all the time. A young man may consider such a girl a narcissistic talker. You can ask about his hobbies or touch on some topic that may be of interest to both.

If a call rang during a date, it is better not to run away, covering the phone with your hand, but, on the contrary, talk with your new acquaintance. So the girl will show that she trusts him.

And finally, the girl should allow the guy to be gallant. You can wait for him to hold the door, or give him a hand when leaving the stairs.

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