Narcologist lists three reliable ways to reduce the harm from alcohol

Psychiatrist-narcologist of the highest category, chief physician of the clinic “Dependence 24” Alexei Kazantsev told how to reduce the harm from alcohol on the human body.

The expert listed three ways to minimize the negative impact of alcohol on a person. Each sip of alcohol can be washed down with another liquid, but you should not mix it with sweet soda.

Such compounds will only worsen the effect of alcohol, as a result of which a person will have a headache and severe intoxication. Alcohol should be washed down with water, says the doctor.

The second method is most popular in the United States, the narcologist said. Instead of drinking alcohol with water, you can add ice to it. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the concentration of strong alcohol.

As a third way, the narcologist recommended not to drink alcohol at all. Refusal of alcohol not only minimizes the harm from alcohol, but reduces it to zero.

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