No matter their age, the 95-year-old Grammy winner exhorts individuals to accomplish their goals.

The Best New Artist winner, Angela Lvarez, stated she never imagined this would truly happen. There is never a “right age” to reach a certain milestone or objective; we can always achieve our ambitions. Although there are numerous prejudices and stereotypes in society, sometimes they are not true. Ngela Lvarez, a 95-year-old musician and singer, was awarded the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist as a consequence. The woman remarked that it surprised her, at her age, that one of the longest-living Grammy winners was recognized as a breakout artist.

Lvarez released her debut album in 2021 and it features both her first and last names. On the red carpet at the awards, she claimed that although her father forbade her from pursuing music, she has always had a passion for the arts. Yet, she persisted in pursuing her passion for music and began singing and playing the guitar in private. ‘I am absolutely happy, pretty joyful, and quite proud that I have been nominated for the Grammy,’ the woman exclaimed before to the event. As a result, they liked my music more.

Although never having foreseen this specific time period, she said, «there is always time to achieve our ambitions. She had no idea she would be so successful, in fact. She is 95 years old, therefore it’s conceivable that a record company or producer liked her tunes but went with a younger voice. Her family was able to save her because her grandson assisted her with songwriting and research for her music. Her grandson promised to help her pursue her dream of becoming an artist. In order to work, Carlos José Lázarez built a studio in Los Angeles, California. During the presentation of the medal, the woman thanked the performers for playing with her and her family, adding, “And my daughter Marucha, I know she is loving this moment and she is extremely proud of her mother.” Naturally, she spoke to Carlos, who had come on stage with her and seemed to be very excited. You can read her complete speech over here.

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