Not left in trouble: Netizens helped elderly woman find accommodation

Lone pensioner Svetlana Vasilievna was eagerly awaiting her turn for an apartment that management had promised her and snuggled up in a changing room built from a cistern. There are no water pipes connected to this “abode”. In the cold season, you can only warm up with an old stove, which of course is not safe. The electricity has long been cut off for non-payment.

When the heroine’s difficult housing situation was discovered in the press, and the case received wide publicity, they paid attention to Svetlana Vasilievna and offered several options for solving the problem. He was offered to move into a retirement home. It was also possible to acquire offices and work as a janitor. The most acceptable option seemed to be renting an apartment, as the conditions of the nursing home and the state of the service quarters were not the best. But, the funds for the implementation of such a plan were not enough.

Blogger Elena Trishina decided to lend her support and wrote an article about the woman, which received many responses. Users decided not to leave a struggling person and quickly collected enough money to buy a new, separate apartment. There was enough money for the necessary conditions and to make funds on the loan taken out.

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