On warmer days, “highway romantics,” who are actually very creative people rather than criminals, take to the city streets.

Amateurs and professionals perform in the streets for artistic and, of course, financial reasons. These people provide music to the city, whether alone, with others, or in a mixed group. And the city would not have the same atmosphere without live music. Street culture, which is still considered an underground culture, adheres to the principle that musicians should not look for producers. He works just for himself, pursues his interests and uses his own resources and strengths to carry out his initiatives. Every day, a homeless musician in his fifties approaches the piano and begins to play. His music has a deep emotional impact.

Бездомный ошеломляет прохожих игрой на уличном фортепиано

No one can pass. Audiences are more often interested in a way of thinking than in music. When a person running somewhere unexpectedly encounters another person who lives in a completely different place, despite its content, something in the viewer changes. He stops and begins to question. It turns out that Donald Gould is the name of the homeless man. And he’s not even a musician. He served in the Navy when he was younger, where he learned his piano skills. Then his life started to go wrong, leading him to homelessness.

Бездомный подошел к фортепиано… и началось волшебство! - YouTube

The man is still quite talented. He interprets complex pieces with soul; his game is not easy. His music grabs your attention and makes you stop everything so you can listen. Thanks to the journalists who frequently wrote about him in the press, the homeless man became famous. A decision was made to help the man start a new life. They have created an emergency fund and intend to use the funds raised to buy him a house and a piano. After all, a musician with such talent should not be lost. Many viewers say that if a homeless man decides to stop singing on the street, he will miss his charming and heartfelt tunes.


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