Palace on wheels with its own helicopter inside: motorhome, where there is even a swimming pool․ The interior is amazing.

Human mind and its borders can be unlimited. Day by day people create extraordinary things which are unique and unusual in its way.

We are living in a century where we can come across to many interesting and unique houses in all over the world.

We all are different and have different tastes, that’s why some people like classic way of homes others prefer more unusual solutions..

This has sometimes resulted in the creation of some very unusual and intriguing homes.

Here is the following one. In 2017 in Las Vegas there was an exhibiotion show where the american backpacker motohome was brought.

It’s name is very popular nowadays among people –“Elysium”. It really costs too expensive..

From the inside and outside the car looks more like a spaceship. Its dimensions are really huge and impressive.

It is equipped with the latest technologies. When you enter there you find the latest fashion design

and the interier makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

It has a kitchen – with refrigerator, stove even a dishwasher. You can’t even imagine- in the living-room there is a fireplace..

A separate room for the master bedroom, an entertainment center, a smart bathroom.

Everything is modular and controlled by sensor systems.The driver’s cabin is, without exaggeration,

is like the pilot’s seat. No buttons, all control via the touch screen.

You don’t stop wondering because on the roof there is a heated jacuzzi.

At the very edge of the helipad with a real Robinson R22, which, while moving, descends into the compartment of the house.

So what else can a person dream in his or her life.

Nowadays due to our geniuses we can come across such 21century wonder. It is of course not used everyday but can be rented to some occations.

So if you have enugh money don’t hesitate to rent it and have an unforgetable emotions.

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