Parents noticed that their boy likes wearing dresses: See how they reacted to this

A few years after a couple welcomed their son to this planet, they noticed an unusual change in his behavior. He was preoccupied with things that didn’t bother other boys his age. Suddenly, it all started to make sense when the 6-year-old approached his mother and made a life-changing confession.

The boy in today’s story confessed something unexpected to his mother, making her think about what to do next. When she accepted her son’s decision, some people supported her, while others judged her and commented on her parenting style.

Parents Nikki and Graham Scott were overjoyed when they welcomed their first little one, a boy, unsure how things would change in a few years.

When their son was 6, he told them he didn’t feel like a boy. At that time, Nikki and Graham thought their son was going through a phase, but they soon realized they had to accept their daughter, Ella Scott’s true identity. Nikki recalled:“We always knew she was a little different when she was little because she was always friends with girls and played with dolls. »

Nikki also revealed that Ella never wanted to play with her two younger brothers. She was interested in wearing skirts and dresses and wanted to grow her hair long. Everything was fine until his classmates started giving him a hard time.

When Ella told her parents she wanted to be a cat on Halloween, they allowed her to wear a skirt with cat ears. Meanwhile, the Scotts also felt confused. They weren’t quite sure if they were doing the right thing by coming to terms with how their daughter felt about her gender identity.

To see their daughter’s reaction, Nikki and Graham showed Ella books about transgender people. To their surprise, their daughter said the words they had been waiting to hear. She confessed: “I’m not a boy, I don’t feel like that inside. »

Nikki and Graham let their daughter do what she loved after the psychologist confirmed her transition was safe. They let her grow her hair long, wear girl’s clothes, and use her pronouns in school. Everything was fine until his classmates started giving him a hard time. Nikki said:

“The first year was confusing because some classmates said she was not a girl. » Nikki and Graham transferred Ella to another school with her siblings to provide a safe space for her to transition. They found his teachers and friends to be very supportive.

When Ella turned eight, her parents thought it was a good time to let their extended family know about her gender identity. Unlike most parents, Nikki and Graham threw a gender reveal party years after their little one was born.

Ella’s brothers, Teddy, 6, and Regan, 5, enthusiastically accompanied her to the party. With the support of her family, little Ella confessed that she didn’t want to live as a boy and embraced her trans identity. Nikki said: “The family gave her the most supportive and loving reaction as expected when she came out. »

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