Parents sing a beautiful song to their child.

From an early age, children are particularly sensitive to music. Music has the ability to empower or soothe. Children in musical homes grow up surrounded by music and love to hear various compositions. These children usually grow into imaginative adults who adopt their parents’ way of life. Music is part of the life of the Dowling family, which includes banjoist John Dowling and violinist Anna Dowling. When parents play various compositions for their baby, he listens with immense pleasure.

Baby loves the original bluegrass song by mom and dad

It was in Cornwall that Dowling was born. With his band The Black Cat Theory he won first place at the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards in 2000. In 2002 he also made history by becoming the first European to win the US Bluegrass Banjo Championships, which took place in Winfield, Kansas. . In the BBC1 reality show in 2007, he was mentioned as a master class instructor. Play it one more time with Courtney Pine, Jools Holland and Mark Knopfler. John and his wife both started playing the violin. He eventually became intrigued by the banjo, a traditional instrument, however. The banjo is related to the popular European mandolin and resembles it in appearance. But, there is an audible distinction between them: the banjo has a higher, more resounding sound. The banjo is considered a sacred object in some African nations, to be handled only by high priests or overlords. These days, bluegrass and country music are frequently linked to the banjo.

But historically, 19th-century banjo and minstrel performances are central to traditional African-American music. African Americans actually had a significant impact on the early evolution of country and bluegrass music through the introduction of the banjo and the creation of musical skills for the fiddle and banjo. Pop music and Celtic punk are just two of the many musical styles that have recently incorporated the banjo. Dowling prefers country music. He and his wife create beautiful music with the violin, which complements it well. From birth, their child has the chance to interact with works of art. He constantly pays close attention to the music his parents play. They even wrote a number of nursery rhymes especially for their youngster.


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