Rice is used almost all over the world. It is undergoing an exciting development phase

Rice is the product that is present in the diet of absolutely everyone. Almost all nations use rice in their traditional cuisine. You can cook anything from it. Even as a first feeding, pediatricians advise giving rice porridge to babies.
There are many varieties of rice that differ from each other in taste, trace elements and minerals contained in them, as well as color and shape. For example, brown rice is considered the most useful, it contains the most minerals and is recommended for use by people who are contraindicated with cholesterol.

Rice also goes through different types of processing, which not only affects the quality of the product, but also the price. But high price does not always mean good quality. For example, if rice goes through multi-stage processing and turns into flakes, their price increases quite a lot, but there are not so many useful substances in rice flakes. There is also wild rice. It is the most useful and expensive. It grows in the swamps of the southern parts of Asia and America, so it is very difficult to collect it. We have all heard that rice is grown in water.

And is it really so? Rice is grown in the fields, but then completely flooded with water. The fact is that rice is loved not only by people, but also by weeds and insects, which greatly reduces the yield. Rice is such a moisture-loving plant that even being constantly in water, the plant does not deteriorate, but rather grows better.
Most rice is grown in China. In the Land of the Rising Sun, rice is considered a traditional dish and is eaten a lot, served with meat, fish and various sauces.

Then on the list are Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Russia and other countries. Indian rice occupies a special place on store shelves. It is believed that the most delicious varieties grow in this country. Hindus eat rice always and everywhere, and they eat it with their hands, and serve it with bread cakes. Rice is also the main dish in Iran. It is served with sweet and sour plum and pomegranate sauces. In Russia, round-grain rice is more often used, as it makes delicious porridges and soups.

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