Self-cleaning in the enclosure by an incredibly smart chimpanzee

A very interesting incident happened at the Tallinn Zoo – one of the employees forgot a cleaning brush in the chimpanzee enclosure. And what do you think the primate did? He took this brush and began to clean the aviary on his own! The visitors of the zoo, dumbfounded by what is happening, immediately filmed what was happening and posted it on the Web.

Видео из зоопарка Таллина: У шимпанзе случайно оставили швабру, а он взял и прибрался

The video clearly shows that the monkey first sweeps the floor on its site, and then dispersed and completely began to wash the windows with the same brush! Yes, cleaning brought more trouble than good. But maybe this is just the beginning? After all, the very idea of \u200b\u200bcleaning requires a certain intelligence.

Обезьяна в зоопарке прибралась в своей клетке с помощью забытой уборщиком швабры. Видео

Well, the fact that the chimpanzee does not yet have the necessary skills … so this is only for now! The important thing is that the monkey carefully watched the people doing the cleaning, compared the facts and the sequence of actions, understood why all this was being done – and then wanted to repeat it! Isn’t such a phenomenon phenomenal?


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