She is the only one for whom the jury has turned the chairs in record time

It’s one of the performances you’ll want to listen to again and again. She is a singer who participated in the blind auditions of the famous competition “The Voice”, this time in the Netherlands. This girl has achieved something unheard of, she managed to spin all four trainers in record time, nine seconds to be exact.

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Jannie Lenna demonstrated her tremendous torrent of vocals on stage by singing “Who is Loving You”, a song written by Smokey Robinson for his band, “The Miracle”. Before she could even finish her first note, each of the judges turned their oversized chairs around so they could admire the person behind that incredible voice. As Jannie reached the climax of the song, one of the judges shifted helplessly in her chair.

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This girl really has a prodigious voice. You will rarely see something like this. Although Jennie didn’t win the contest (she qualified for the final four), she has a bright future ahead of her. Her audition became famous, reaching 5 million views on YouTube. There is no doubt that we will see more of this great artist in the future.


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