She plays the guitar in the subway without looking up. Her performance is so beautiful that people always gather and listen

If you live in a big city and to move from one end to another you usually use public transport, especially the metro, surely you have met a street artist more than once, who takes advantage metro stations or busy streets to delight people with their talent.

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Now, when you walk to work or come home and you hear or see a street performer, do you stop to watch? Let’s face it, most of the time we don’t. And it is that we are always in such a hurry or waiting for our mobile that we miss wonderful things that are happening around us. But we should stop every once in a while and contemplate the great talent that many of these artists possess. And that’s exactly what happened in this Chicago subway station. Today’s protagonist is the person with the yellow sweatshirt and who has the hood so that with the naked eye you cannot see his face. She plays the guitar with enthusiasm and a lot of talent, but still many people ignore her and miss her.

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But as soon as she starts singing, things change, and she manages to catch the attention of everyone present. Her name is Ashley Stevenson, and this music lover even has a permit to play at the subway station. Ashley performs the song “Landslide” which was written by Fleetwood Mac, and you can clearly see her great talent in her beautiful voice. How is she not famous? I would like to hear him sing other songs. I’m sure after reading this story, the next time you go on the subway, you’ll pay more attention to musicians and artists. Of course, you can’t miss this girl’s amazing performance in the following video.


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