Small houses are currently quite in demand, and large companies offer them quite interesting possibilities. These houses are also inexpensive.

Over a decade ago, the tiny home movement gained popularity. These houses usually have less than 50 square meters of living space. Check out the brand new eco-friendly compact homes from Ikea. They are so amazing that you could possibly think of succumbing to the lure of this new craze. Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire a home in today’s market, many potential buyers are now looking for new ways to obtain real estate. Owning a tiny house is now easier and more affordable than ever thanks to Ikea’s new line of tiny homes. The cost of this small ecological house of 17 m2 is 50,000 €. little house took less than 60 days.

tiny houses éco-responsables

Also, as with all Ikea products, the goal was to create a piece that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The partnership with Ikea, in the opinion of Escape creator Dan Dobrowolski, was a no-brainer. In our many tiny house projects across the country, we use a lot of Ikea products because they represent the recyclable, reusable and renewable elements that we use in the actual construction, explains the architect. After all, an Ikea tiny house will provide you with as much, if not more, useful space than a traditional apartment for a lot less money. It will also include plenty of built-in storage, a folding desk, and windows to let in natural light.


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