Smartest 2-year-old ever?

Turning two years old is a significant milestone in a child’s life. Most kids this age are just learning to say their names and have maybe a dozen words in their vocabulary – not little Veronica.

Just days after her second birthday celebration, Veronica tells her mom all that she knows. Her rundown of information is really noteworthy. She rambles off the standard baby exchange about adoring mother and father.

Then her insight grows. Her mother requests that she emulate some mainstream society symbols like Michael Jackson, Homer Simpson, and Peewee Herman. Charming little Veronica mirrors them all to perfection.

This splendid little young lady can let you know what variety her eyes are and even how to spell her own name. Veronica even knows how old she is, gladly holding up two fingers.

Veronica is a remarkable little entertainer too. Her father requests that she cry and giggle. She obliges his solicitation for certain humorously emotional responses, which make her parents laugh.

Her mother continues to ask Veronica who she adores the most, but the little young lady won’t reply. At long last, toward the finish of the video, Veronica concedes she cherishes her daddy best.

Two years of age is a sweet stage. Kids assimilate surprisingly data. Just ask little Veronica, and she will tell you just how bright a toddler can be.

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