Son and mother were separated for a full calendar year. The meeting’s video was highly received when it was released.

The world’s most compassionate being is a mother. And a mother is the best thing in the world for all children.
Christmas and New Year’s are the best times to be with family, therefore special dates are typically more thrilling than usual. This mom made the choice to surprise her son when he visited her after more than a year of being apart. Some families, like this one, are forced to live apart for a number of months, particularly while they are trying to obtain the necessary paperwork to move to another country. The mother and son met, but she had to leave. What was supposed to last a few months turned into a year.

The boy was taken aback to see her even though they were in daily communication via video conferences. His mother welcomed him with outstretched arms when he walked into the room. The boy’s initial response was to greet his mother, but he wasn’t sure what he was seeing. The sweetest part of the exchange was when he inquired, “Why is my mom here? I asked, “Is that my dad?,” to which he chuckled and said, “Yes. Thanks for waiting for me.” Even though he still did not think he was seeing his mother, the youngster went to his arms. They had to explain why they broke up when the video went viral and share numerous other footage of their time together, including games and even science experiments. Due to the fact that the boy lives with his mother and “nonna,” social media users highlighted the importance of family love.


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