The 105-year-old grandfather is celebrating his birthday. Let’s congratulate him

No one has figured out the secret to longevity yet. How much advice can be heard from various experts to prolong life, but in fact, science does not know why one person crosses the line of a century, and the other does not live even half. According to 105-year-old resident Crawford Ellison, the secret to longevity is simple: you just have to marry well and be happy. Indeed, how often throughout our lives we strive for the unattainable, although happiness mostly is next to us. Ellison is 105 years old and he is truly happy. He and his wife lived an interesting and joyful life for 81 years. This is a real record. After living together for so many years, according to Ellison, he still loves his wife like on the first day, and even more. After all, together they passed through the difficulties and joys of life, together they became parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. The man celebrated his birthday among his relatives. He just wanted to be surrounded by the closest people. Ellison is a big foodie. He always liked to eat tasty food and now nothing has changed either. He believes that any woman should be able to cook deliciously, so that her husband would like to return home as soon as possible after the daily chores. From the height of his lived years, Ellison already looks at life differently. He changed his attitude towards people, became less demanding and does not pick on trifles. He believes that one must live here and now. because our happiness depends only on ourselves.
This married couple can serve as a real example for young people. Ellison and his wife have a truly strong family and have always walked hand in hand through life. They had three children, 14 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren and 34 great-great-grandchildren. This is wealth for a person. When you are loved and cared for, it means that you have not lived your life in vain. Ellison has always been a hard worker throughout his life. He worked as a gardener and also enjoyed working with wood, creating beautiful wooden items for the home or souvenirs. Even at the age of 105, Ellison has not lost his energy. You can’t call him a homebody. He will always find something to do.


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