The 11-year-old girl is realizing her dream. She goes and turns her garage into a little royal house

After all was said and done, his awesome little house on wheels only cost $800 in total. And it was great. What were you doing when you were 11? Probably hanging out with your friends and building things with Legos, right?

After being inspired by American Girl Doll magazine, Lauren began making plans for her mission. His goal was to buy a van as cheaply as possible because American Girl was selling a $650 VW toy bus. Lauren saved up all her pocket money and began looking for garages that would make perfect tiny homes. His mother Amy said: “Lauren does have an envelope where she saves money. And it’s just a little something here and there, like $5 at Easter or leftover money from another occasion. It just piled up. » In fact, the neighbor just down the street was selling a 20-foot long garage for a very reasonable price, and despite its poor appearance, Lauren liked it very much. The creative 11-year-old had to negotiate a bit because the garage was more than her budget, she admitted that it wasn’t hard to lower the price, saying:

“He said €500 and I said €400 because that was the amount I had in my bank account and he said it was sold. The repair process itself was far from straightforward, especially for a pre-teen girl with very little hands-on experience. But Lauren was willing to work hard and embarked on a deep clean of her new tiny home. Of course, renovations also cost money, and Lauren had to save more. She spent a total of about 400 euros on the furnishings and accessories of her royal-style home. Lauren was inspired by the TV show Tiny House Hunters, and she developed her own plan to pursue her dream.\

Her home is simply decorated in blacks, whites and greys. There is also a basket inside. The house has everything you need. comfortable living area, bedroom with four beds, small bathroom and kitchen. Space is limited, but there is a wardrobe in the bedroom, a bed for storage and additional storage in the kitchen and living room cupboards. Lauren’s family is certainly very good and proactive and it is a testament to the fact that her parents allowed her to spread her creative wings and Lauren’s mother understood what that was. a harmless project that will give Lauren a lot of practical knowledge.

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