The 34-year-old daughter was sure that she did not have a father, and then she went to Instagram. One photo changed her life

An American woman dreamed of finding her father for 34 years, and stubbornness took over. A DNA test and a photo on Instagram helped find the daughter’s man. One look at the picture – and the girl had no doubt that she was looking at her dad.

A girl from Salt Lake City, Alicia Warren, grew up without a father all her life, writes The Metro, but she never gave up hope of meeting her parent and finding out if she looked like him.

I never saw dad. When I was little, I did not understand where he was, but at first I did not ask my mother.

With age, the girl became more and more interested in this issue and finally decided to ask Betty’s mother a question about the fate of her father. It turned out that when, in her youth, a woman was relaxing on the Pacific coast on the island of Guana, where she met a submarine officer.

The couple spent several days together, after which the girl returned home without even exchanging phones with a new acquaintance.

Soon, Betty discovered that she was pregnant, but never found a way to inform the father of the child. Alicia, at the age of 34, having learned that her dad lives somewhere, who does not suspect the existence of her daughter, decided to correct her mother’s mistakes.

Somewhere there was a father who did not know for 34 years that he had a daughter.

It was not so easy to carry out the plan, because Alicia’s mother did not know anything about her former lover.

I didn’t have an address, date of birth, photo, or age, just his name. I tried simple internet and facebook searches, but there were so many people named Peter Goldstein that I didn’t stand a chance.

The girl did not resort to the help of television, but turned to the private biotechnology company 23andMe and soon found out that there was a man named Peter Goldstein, who with a 50% probability is her father.

Sometimes in this way you can find out that the beloved is actually a close relative, but in this case this did not happen. The man also lived in the USA, but not in Utah, like Alicia, but in California.

I looked at him, found him on Instagram and immediately knew that he was my father. We looked exactly the same. For a long time I could not decide to contact him, but I had no choice.

Peter has already managed to get married and have two daughters. The news that he also had a third child surprised him.

I would say he was shocked. So far, there has been no hint of my existence. On June 6, we met for the first time, and everything was so natural, as if we had known each other all our lives.

Newly-made relatives agreed to meet every weekend.

I am so grateful to my father for accepting me for who I am.

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