The 56-year- old woman gave birth to triplets for her daughter: How they look like now

The story of Jaycee Dahlenberg from the USA can be called a real maternal feat without exaggeration. After learning that her adult daughter could not have children, 56-year-old Jaycee decided to become a surrogate mother for her. And, by chance, she endured and gave birth to not one, but three children – her own granddaughters.

This story began back in 2007, when one of Jaycee’s daughters (and she has four of them, by the way) Kim married a young man named Joe Cosino. And, despite the fact that Kim already had two daughters from her first marriage – 18-year-old Britney and 13-year-old Colin, she and Joe dreamed of joint children. However, all Kim’s attempts to get pregnant naturally failed. There was only one way – surrogacy, and Kim and Jo began looking for a woman who could help them with this.

And then, a real miracle happened – after learning about the problems of her daughter and son-in-law, Jaycee Dahlenberg volunteered to help them and offered herself as a surrogate mother. The first reaction of the Kosino spouses to Jaycee’s words was shock. But, after a little thought, they decided that they could not find a better surrogate mother than the dearest person and accepted the offer.

However, there were many hurdles to overcome before embarking on their plan. Now it was IVF’s turn. Kim’s egg was fertilized with Joe’s sperm and the resulting embryo was placed in Jaycee’s uterus. However, the first attempt was unsuccessful – the embryo did not take root.

After waiting for some time, the doctors tried again, having already introduced two embryos. This time everything went as well as possible – both embryos were viable. Now doctors and future parents had to decide whether Jaycee could bear two children or whether one fetus should be removed. But while they were weighing the pros and cons, something unexpected happened.

The very first ultrasound that was done to a pregnant woman showed that one of the embryos had successfully split into two parts. And now there are not two, but three children in Jayce’s stomach. And on October 11, 2008, three charming babies were born at the Hillcrest Clinic. Elizabeth was born first, followed by the twins Gabriella and Carmina. Since the girls were premature, the weight of each did not exceed 3 pounds (1.3 kg). However, they were healthy and needed little to no special care.

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