The 70-year-old underwent a complete makeover after visiting the stylist. before and after photos

Life adjustments become considerably more difficult as we age. But everything is possible if you wish! Betty has spent her entire life teaching music and currently resides in New Orleans. She is still working and has not yet retired because she attaches great importance to her work.

Currently, a woman works as the director of a music school. Before that, Betty hired a stylist because her school was having an important occasion. She wanted to turn into a lady of style.

Christopher, the stylist, got to work right away. It’s important to note that Betty didn’t fully explain the details of her transition to him, so she didn’t even know what to expect.

1. The master picked up the hair first. Her hair has been cut. They are naturally curly, so styling them won’t be a problem.2. The hair was then colored. The blonde color appeared quite natural and matches Betty’s style.

3. She felt revived and energized after applying light makeup.

When her husband first saw her, he couldn’t help but be impressed. Even more attractive than before, his wife has improved. Betty made the decision to give Christopher a musical performance as a token of appreciation.

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