The artist genuinely believes that people with wavy hair are incredibly attractive. He produced a few rousses.

Red hair is extremely rare: by nature, this color is only found in a few percent of the world’s population. Kieran Dodds is a Scottish photographer who was inspired to collect portraits of redheads from around the world. He believes there is something special about them, besides the unusual hair color.

It took the man more than seven years to implement the idea. He managed to find people with red hair of different gender, nationality and age. Dodds has visited dozens of countries to fulfill his dream. The photographer posted the result of a long and meticulous work on the web: he wanted everyone to be able to look at these incredible people and fully experience the special “magic” that redheads exude.

It seems that nothing can unite the people depicted in the photos: they are completely different and live far from each other. But there’s still something inexplicably common about them, and it seems like it’s not just about the hair.

Such projects have great value: thanks to the work of photographers, we can get to know the representatives of another culture and understand the beauty of the differences between all of us. Is it any surprise that Dodds himself is the proud owner of red hair?

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