The baby has the most beautiful and luxuriant hair. We now give you his photos.

In Japan, the newborn had thick, black hair at birth. Doctors were amazed to see a baby with so much hair. A newborn can be born with already very thick hair or just a little fluff. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the newborn looks hairless, the baby still has hair on his head. During the projection, you will be able to see the hairstyle of the baby. Even at the 20th week of pregnancy, you can still see them. Everyone was impressed with the Japanese baby’s hair. They were thick, like a lion’s mane, in addition to being quite long.

Children often have significantly finer hair than adult hair, and the majority of newborns have very little fine hair on their heads. But everyone was surprised by the little dark-haired Asian girl. The structure of her hair remained unchanged for months. The girl’s mother takes care of the child’s hair. She claims they started combing and brushing their hair as soon as they were born, as the toddler sweated frequently and had unusually thick hair. The girl has the same gorgeous hair now that she is four years old. A child’s hair changes after birth, and throughout the first three months of life, all of the hair is replaced. A child can lose more than 300 hairs per day during this period. A newborn baby’s hair is called vellus because it is so fine and delicate to the touch.

They have no follicles and are 2-3 times thinner than adults. Our heroine, however, avoided this period because she had no vellus hair. Her hair still retains the same structure. The girl became famous thanks to her mother’s blog. Ad agencies as well as ordinary people have taken notice. She was already featured in many shampoo commercials at the age of four. The child loves his hair, which has already reached his height. Every day, his mother comes up with different looks and images for the child.

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