The billionaire has adopted 17 children – and isn’t going to stop

How important it is for every child to grow up in a family. Only surrounded by love and care a child can become a full-fledged person.

Due to various circumstances, many children are left without parents and grow up in special institutions.

Russian businessman Roman Avdeev gave family and love to many such children.

A man has twenty-three children in his family, of which seventeen are adopted.

Roman began his entrepreneurial career at a young age and was a great success. Today he is a millionaire.

For many years he helped shelters and orphanages.

However, one day when he visited there himself and saw the state of the children growing up,

he decided to do something to help them. He saw how dependent children are, they do not know how to live in the real world.

Therefore, after reaching adulthood, many of them cannot cope on their own.

The biggest problem is that children do not have the experience of communicating with their peers, there is no opportunity to adapt.

Because they don’t go anywhere. He got along with his wife and they decided to adopt children.

Andrei is grateful to his wife for taking on such responsibility.

After all, the main concerns related to children lay on her shoulders.

She has assistants who do housework and homework with the children.

Education is a huge job. Andrei believes that all children should be brought up in a full-fledged family.

He founded a special foundation that deals with adoption issues.

The businessman wants as few children as possible to stay in orphanages.

His foundation also provides psychological and financial assistance to adoptive parents if they encounter difficulties.

Despite the fact that the man has no financial difficulties, all his children go to ordinary public kindergartens and schools.

According to his words, it is very important to bring up good qualities in a child, and not to spoil him.

The child must know the value of money. Avdeev did a very great good deed.

There should be more people like him.

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