The boy also ended up among the woman’s photos. They didn’t know each other at that time.

After 8 years of a happy marriage, the husband, out of interest, took a look at his wife’s old photo album. The man leafed through the pages and finally came to a photograph taken 19 years ago: in this one, against the backdrop of a local attraction, his future wife was seated, and a little further on, to the side , he found himself. This couple from China can be called happy. They met almost 9 years ago and a year later they decided to get married. Children appeared in the family, and then parents decided to show them old photo albums. Leafing through his wife’s album, a man named Khu suddenly freezes in surprise: In the photo, his future wife is sitting in front of the monument in the famous Qingdao Square.

And at some distance the figure of a teenager is visible, and this is himself. My husband immediately remembered that day. Turns out he also went to see the attraction and even took a picture. As a result, it turned out that Ye and Khoo came to the same place with their parents as teenagers. During those hours, they paid no attention to each other – who would have thought that years later the young people who accidentally stumbled upon a photo would meet and get married. It was really weird.

Mr Ye, the father of two, said he would visit Qingdao again when his daughters gets older

As if we were bound by fate, the man told his story In homage to tradition, Ye and Khoo again came to the same square and took another photo, this time together: Both photographs appear in good place in the family photo album. Not all couples can boast of such a story.

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