The boy was selling flowers on the street and decided to approach a foreign tourist who gave him such a gift that even caused debate on social networks.

These acts can appear unexpectedly and become more special and powerful when directed at people who know nothing, like a street child in Manila, Philippines, who was lucky enough to meet a stranger he wanted sell flowers. They were both at the mall, and when the young man gave the stranger a flower, she decided to do something else for him and went to a Nike shoe store to buy a pair of shoes to cover her feet. .

After walking barefoot for so long, the boy was given the freedom to choose the pair of shoes he liked the most, he scoured the store for the perfect pair and picked the ones he could easily run in , they were on sale. The young man’s expression said it all, he was happy and excited about his pair of shoes, he can often be seen outside the mall selling jasmine flowers or asking for coins for food.

She couldn’t hide her joy as she tried on the shoes, although she feared someone might steal them, because usually street kids don’t have anything, not even a pair of shoes like hers. The photos were taken by store supervisor Ahyan Yerro, who was excited and delighted by the stranger’s action and shared the incident on his social media.

Although the stranger thanked Ahyan Yerro for his words, he declined to be interviewed and did not want to be named, only hoping that more people would be encouraged to do the same for other boys in need. After buying the shoes, they both went to the store to buy her new clothes and immediately saw her in the dining room, not happy with that, the man bought all the jasmine flowers for her. he was going to sell that day.

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