The chalk is used by a skilled Vietnamese craftsman to create realistic sidewalk images.

Drawing has a long history dating back to the dawn of human civilization. Before the invention of writing, our ancestors communicated crucial information to each other for millennia by painting hunting scenes, human and animal figures and other images on the walls of caves. The oldest type of art is drawing, which is also a type of graphics and the structural foundation of all images. It essentially remained an additional tool in the work of an artist, sculptor or architect for many years.

After finishing the last project, the majority of creatives usually throw away a ton of sketches. The master uses drawing as a practical tool to understand reality and to represent it in his works. When drawing from memory or from life, the painter carefully examines the shapes of the objects to be depicted to decide where they should go in the composition.

A young Vietnamese artist has reached a whole new level of creativity; he uses multicolored pencils to make drawings on the sidewalk. However, he does portraits rather than sketches of children. The man began to study portrait painting at the age of ten, and at fourteen he enrolled in an art school. A gifted young man participates in many street festivals. His portraits look quite realistic.

It looks like someone is going to smile or frown in seconds. The author uses two main drawing techniques – drawing from memory and drawing from life – while creating a painting. They are perfectly intertwined. The master strives to correctly describe what he witnessed while including his own impressions. The young artist paints on asphalt. His drawings are easily recognizable. The downside is that they are short-lived. Such works of art should not be destroyed by snow or rain, after all.

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