The couple embarrassed their friends by wasting all their money on an old bus. Many others envied them a year later as they toured the country.

We will all manage to survive a chaotic cycle of day and night work with little time for anything but eating and sleeping. Tired of living like this, the young couple decides to start over. The guys were bartenders and they didn’t even take weekends. Given the exorbitant prices in the city, they rented a small apartment. The young people saved money from their salary for a while, but they bought an old bus instead of an apartment.

Upon making such a purchase, their buddies were stunned and assumed it was a prank. However, the couple took themselves seriously and made no jokes. They made the decision to turn an old bus into a mobile home. They set up their future home in the garage every day after work, staying up all night. They invited friends to see the result when all the work was done. A decrepit old bus has been transformed into a comfortable motorhome. They installed the plumbing and electrical wiring.

Пара потратила все деньги на автобус и не пожалела

Their friends and acquaintances were impressed by what they saw. All amenities were on the bus. Toilets and bathroom, soft sofa with pillows, armchairs and table. Most importantly, it was all achieved with just a few subtle, vivid touches. A group of young people made the decision to quit their jobs and travel. They explained their choice to individuals who did not want to continue paying taxes and utility bills while being captives to society and the system. They yearn for freedom and the daily enjoyment of life. A very small apartment can still be bought by young people with additional funds, but nothing would have changed. Without any relaxation time, they would have worked non-stop.

Старый автобус стал домом на колесах

They bought a mobile home, which gave them freedom. They had a hard time with this choice because everyone tried to talk them out of it. But the young people continued to be alone. They quickly discovered that a few of their friends and acquaintances were also considering the mobile home option. The guys are more than ready to explain how they built and outfitted the bus.

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