The couple found a heavy, rusty tin can while walking and took it home to open it and look inside.

Mary and John were walking their dogs near the forest. One of the dogs became interested in a pot with the roots of a tree, which was almost completely hidden in the clay, and for the sake of interest, the spouses pulled it out to the surface.

But that was only the beginning of the strangeness: the jar turned out to be too heavy for its volume and, moreover, something rang inside. John decided to take the jar home and open it. The spouses were attracted by the unnatural weight of the box, the earth does not weigh as much as paint or other similar materials. John carefully opened the jar above the newspaper, and inside gold coins of a strange mintage gleamed. The man wasted no time.

He rented a metal detector and went to the same tree. John was right: there were four more boxes of parts around the roots. The next day, the couple legalized the right to find and called on specialized appraisers. John and Mary hit the jackpot.

coins of different mints are dated 1847-1894. They are not valued by the weight of the precious metal – some examples cost a million dollars. The total value of the treasures found was $10 million. Most likely, bandits buried the money under the tree, since coins were minted in different places and different banks. By law, John and Mary were able to keep most of the gold for themselves: After selling some of the treasure, the couple left the old house. Such wealth does not need superfluous glory.


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