The couple had no home. They bought an old tower and turned it into a house with their own hands

It is very important not to lose the sense of self-confidence and love for loved ones. Christoph and Shauna are a young couple who recently got married. However, they do not have their own apartment and they constantly rent rooms and move from place to place. Christophe inherited a small plot of land that housed an old silo. He was a civil architect by profession, and suddenly he had an idea to turn the silo into a small house. Shauna supported her husband in everything and they went to work together.

First, it was necessary to lay a foundation and put a tower on it, so that a solid foundation was obtained. The couple then decided to add another floor to increase the space. Silo towers are not designed for someone inside, so there are no windows or doors on the tower. The creative couple cut windows and made doors on two floors. They have done a great job. Outwardly, they didn’t touch the tower, and it looks like it was. However, there was no longer an empty space inside, but a real apartment with all the amenities.

Christoph thought about the interior design to the smallest detail, because the space was small, and it was necessary to rationally use every centimeter. There was a living room on the first floor, and a bedroom on the second floor.

The couple had to use their imagination to prepare a bath. Due to lack of space, they decided to install it in the wall. The bathroom has a shower and a small toilet. The couple built a summer shower on the street.
Kristoff and Shauna are happy with their work. Although their house is small, it is their own house, which they built with their own hands. When the couple invited friends and acquaintances to visit, everyone was so amazed that they couldn’t believe that it was just a silo. In the future, Christophe plans to purchase another such tower and expand the house to increase the space and add several more rooms and a spacious kitchen. According to the spouses, during the work they started to love and appreciate each other more. Now they can confidently say that they can overcome any difficulty.



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