The couple solved the problem of their apartment by connecting several containers together. They got a nice apartment after renovation

Building a house is not such an easy idea to implement. It requires a lot of effort and investment.
However, everything is possible if there is a great desire. Human mind and flexibility can help in this matter and achieve success. This 30-year-old couple was just such a flexible-minded and extremely goal-oriented couple. In 9 months, they were able to build their dream container house.

The container house may have been a very strange idea. But today, the amount of work has become more and more widespread. People today strive to build similar houses and make their daily lives easier with less entertainment and spending money. It might seem a bit unbelievable, but they did it in nine months.

The husband was 30-year-old Florenti, who worked as a property manager, and the wife was 29-year-old Capucini, who was a nurse. They managed to create a beautiful house with an area of ​​145 m². It was built only from shipping containers.The couple bought the containers with the help of the InBox company. They used 6 shipping containers, 5 large ones of 30 square meters and one small one. The husband did not like the masonry work. Besides, they had to pay VAT for this house and spent little money. It was very cheap and comfortable.

There is no need for water to build this container, because their land area was more than 800 m² away from water.The couple also pointed out another important aspect: the use and recycling of plastic containers for construction. It was very important to have an environmentally friendly environment. They used those containers and there was no waste. They did the whole thing by themselves without paying the workers. They made about 30% profit. They were able to independently choose more beautiful materials for construction and design work.

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