The couple’s wedding took place 50 years after their split

This story began in 1961. Janice and Tom were studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Young people get engaged and dream of getting married. But the girl’s father was against the marriage, he said he would not give them money for education.

Young people separated for many years. Everyone has their own family. They accepted the circumstances but did not forget each other. One day Tom found an old newspaper clipping in his mother’s belongings about his engagement to Janice.

As it turned out later, Janice had also found one in her mother’s belongings. Apparently the mothers wanted their children to be together. Decades later, Janice and Tom reunited.

They never stopped reminiscing and married at the age of 71, 50 years after their separation. “We are so happy. We have a few years to live together. It’s the perfect marriage!” Janice said.



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