The cow began to lose milk and the farmer noticed that she was leaving for the forest in the evening. He decided to follow.

Scottish farmer Steve had a small herd of dairy cows. One day, the man noticed that Lila, who usually gave the most milk, was completely without milk. The vet assured that everything was fine with the animal, then the farmer decided to take a closer look at the cow in the pasture at the edge of the forest. Very quickly, he noticed that sometimes in the evening the cow went into the forest, and decided to follow it. The farmer always took the cows to graze in a clearing near the forest. Noticing that Leela was trailing behind the herd, the man followed her. He walked carefully, trying not to startle the animal, and at one point he came to a clearing hidden by trees. The cow stood a little further away, obscuring something.

Steve approached and saw a small calf. Looks like Lila brought it to the clearing a few weeks ago, like she was trying to hide it from people. It took about ten minutes for the farmer to understand the reasons for this situation. We always take all calves and raise them separately from adults, then transfer them to a new herd.

It seems that Leela was not very happy with this development of events, Steve told reporters. As a result, the calf was left with the cow. Steve decided to rethink his farm management plans.


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