The dance of this group amazed the audience with its dance. They dance really well

Everyone has heard about the famous band Riverdance at least once. This Irish group of professional step dancers, who over the years have managed to win the hearts of all the audience.

Their skill honed over the years has no limits. Riverdance is not just a dance group, it is a theatrical dance art. Each of their appearances on stage is a separate performance with a plot and dance technique.

Irish Dancers - Riverdance Performance on AGT

Artists have to practice constantly to achieve such technique and synchronicity. Step is a very bright and dynamic dance, which consists not only of body movements, but also of a number of sounds that pop up with the help of tapping feet on the floor. Step is a complex dance.

To master it, one must have a very good sense of rhythm and tact, as well as well-developed leg muscles. In combination with beautiful plasticity and Irish melodies, the step turns into a unique show. For the first time, people learned about the Riverdance group in 1994, when they performed at Eurovision during the intermission.

Irish Dancers - Riverdance Performance on AGT

The dancers danced their program excellently and were remembered by the audience. After their success at the competition, the group became famous all over the world, they began touring with concerts. Over time, Riverdance ceased to represent only folk themes. Choreographers began to stage international dances, as well as to invite world dancers of different styles into the group. The demand for the group grew so much that in 1996 it was decided to divide the group into two equal subgroups, which were supposed to dance exactly the same programs.

So Riverdance turned from an artistic group into a commercial one. However, this did not affect the quality of their performances. Today the legendary band turns 25 years old. In honor of this event, the dancers went on a world tour. In America, they decided to start their concerts with the show America is looking for talents. The team performed in front of judges and spectators. They presented a new program, which included elements of both Irish folk dance and the cultural heritage of different peoples. Riverdance is not just a dance group, but a whole art and unique technique.


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