The doctor explained how to exercise during a pandemic

Andrey Tyazhelnikov, chief freelance specialist in primary health care for adults at the Moscow Health Department, said that it is better to start playing sports after self-isolation with light workouts, jogging and stretching․

The doctor emphasized that it is best to try to keep fit even during a pandemic. You can maintain health with the help of daily exercises, a minimum set of exercises and proper nutrition. At the same time, it is better to start playing sports after a long break with small loads, gradually increasing them.

Sports should be exercised carefully for those who have already suffered coronavirus. Prolonged exercise can weaken the immune system and cause health complications. Particular attention should be paid to nutrition: diets without the required amount of vitamins are dangerous, as is sudden weight loss.

When losing weight, you should pay attention not to weight, but to volumes. Tyazhelnikov urged to tune in to a comprehensive, longer, but also healthier sports strategy.

Earlier, the German set a record in running on a simulator for 100 kilometers at home. Florian Neuschwander covered this distance in 6 hours 26 minutes 14 seconds.

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