The doctor told how to keep youth

Therapist of the highest category, director of the directorate for coordinating the activities of medical organizations of the Moscow Health Department Alexei Bezymyanny said that physical activity, proper nutrition, proper sleep and work help prolong the youth of the body, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the expert, with a heavy workload, a person retains his intellectual potential and physical condition. It is desirable that the work involves mental labor and does not greatly affect the nervous system. It is equally important to undergo regular medical examinations and examinations to prevent various diseases.

Bezymyanny emphasized that it is never too late to deal with health. However, the longer a person does not pay attention to his condition, the greater the risk of developing an incurable disease or a disease that can lead to disability.

He added that it is possible to “deceive age”, but you should not deceive yourself. To preserve youth, you need to move more, give up harmful, fatty foods and fast food, as well as quit smoking and experience less stress.

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