The elderly couple stunned the crowd with an antiquated dance. Just watch them dance

On the dance floor, a couple of senior Germans behave no worse than the young ones. Many people dream of doing fascinating things after retirement, which never had enough time for the regular activities of the working day. When they were young, Nellie and Dietmar Ehrentraut loved rock & roll. But then they switched to boogie-woogie from complex acrobatic dances. They had been dancing like this for 40 years.

Dietmar Ehrentraut Nelli, 73, 67 and works in the cleaning service, has spent his whole life working as a printer in a printing house. Due to their young age at the time of their marriage and the rapid birth of their first child, Nellie did not have the chance to enjoy her youth, as Dietmar points out. But as the children got older, Nelly and Ditmar began to attend dances frequently, and then to participate in amateur events in several places. Winning the World Boogie Woogie Cup in Lyon in 2002 was the highlight of their dancing career.

Boogie Woogie Rockabilly-Jive Nellia & Dietmar danceschool horn - YouTube

But despite a long dancing career and multiple competition victories, Nelly and Dietmar consider themselves novices. Nellia & Dietmar danceschool horn performing rockabilly jive boogie woogie on youtube Also they read that if dancing turns into a sport the fun is lost so they only dance boogie woogie and avoid latin or hall ball. Because there are so many opportunities for improvisation, boogie-woogie is a fantastic genre.

They do not perform memorized songs. There are no lines of reasoning in dance, so it can’t be reasonable. He moves his legs because he is innate in the soul. According to science, people who stay active in their prime live longer and are happier. Dietmar and Nellie Ehrentraut are not typical retirees.

Boogie Woogie Rockabillie Jive | Osho News

They set a wonderful example for many aspiring dancers in their glory days. Before being uploaded to the YouTube platform, Only a small group of boogie-woogie and rock & roll enthusiasts knew about the pair. However, after they started posting footage of their performances online, they caught the world’s attention. Millions of people watch their performances online and are captivated by the enthusiasm and professionalism of Nelly and Ditmar.


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