The expert told how to extend the life of the laptop

Dmitry Ryabinin, director of strategy and development of media projects at Group, said that in Russia the life cycle of a laptop is about four years. The expert shared tips on how to extend the life of the device.

Ryabinin stressed that during the pandemic, computers and laptops have become one of the most popular categories of equipment. Therefore, for those people who bought gadgets a year ago, the question of their service life is especially acute. To prolong the life of a laptop, the expert, first of all, advises not to completely discharge its battery.

It is equally important to observe the temperature regime of the device, since lithium-ion batteries, which are most often used in laptops, do not tolerate heat well. The most comfortable temperature for the operation of the device is from plus 10 degrees to plus 30.

At the same time, the laptop should be stored at temperatures from minus 25 degrees to plus 45. Other temperature indicators that go beyond these limits can harm the device.

Earlier, experts told how to avoid overheating of the laptop in hot weather. Do not run resource-intensive processes in the heat and turn off the device while charging. In addition, you should provide additional airflow or install a cooling pad with built-in coolers.

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