The family adopted 9 children at once: Christmas miracle

Seven children were adopted by a foster family. This happens quite rarely. Children could end up in different parts of the world or stay in an orphanage until adulthood. But a miracle happened before Christmas. Adopted children in the family got one to the Hausorns. Michael and Terry from Arkansas felt that these were already their children, writes the GMA edition.

The family from Arkansas already has 4 children of their own. The oldest Ryan is 32 years old, and the youngest Micah is 20 years old. Also, the couple has already adopted 2 children before. After the new adopted children in the family were taken from 13.

Michael Hausorns tells GMA that it’s never boring at home now. The guys do not stop saying that they love their new parents and call them mom and dad.

The couple adopted their first children in April, they were still very young, 1 and 3 years old. These children have nothing to do with those adopted in December. The family then adopted twin sisters Laina and Lacey. They were tagged in an orphanage due to parental abuse and neglect. The girls spent 3 years with the Hausorns. During this time, Terry and Mile became attached to the little ones.

The couple understood that they wanted to adopt girls. They called them mom and dad. But they were placed with the Hausorns for education. In 2017, the twins were taken to an orphanage. The Department of Child and Family Services (DCS) then sent them to another orphanage where their biological siblings were.

Michael and Terry decided to adopt all the children from this family. Doing it all at once is quite problematic. After all, it is necessary to prove that the family can provide children with everything necessary and give care. So they turned to State Senator Alan Clark. They hoped that he could help resolve the issue. The senator spoke with the director (DCS). In the end, he agreed to send all 7 siblings to the Hausorns on probation. Whether the children will stay in this house will depend on the efforts that the couple and other family members are willing to make.

The state senator called Terry and Michael wonderful people. He noted that even their adult daughter Micah came from California to help with the new siblings. She says that she put aside all her affairs and came to her parents’ house.

She recalls that when they put up a Christmas tree with the children, she saw how excited the children were. “They were happy with every little thing that seemed ordinary to me in my childhood. They never wrapped presents. It opened my eyes.” Micah said that she loves them very much.

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