The family hauled concrete on the land for a year, but the building did not appear. The neighbors decided to go and check and found an underground house

Тhe human mind at all times tried to create something incredibly beautiful and unique.

We are accustomed to consider only the creations of antiquity, columns and monuments,

palaces and estates as unique. But in the modern world there are a lot of wonderful and unique things.

One of these structures is an underground house, made in such a way that it

cannot be seen from the ground or from the air.

The family who owns this house is fond of ecology and hang gliding, they wanted to bring their home as close to nature as possible.

To bring their idea to life, they turned to the wellknown architect Franchesco Pardou, who is widely known for his extravagant style..

For construction, he chose a quiet place not far from Mexico, on an fruit trees field overlooking the mountains.

The couple wanted the field of fruit trees to remain untouched, so the Pardou had to partly “bury” the construction underground.

The house of lawyers this is how they called the villa, occupies an area of 442 square meters,

has a lot of rooms for spending a time with family, two bedrooms, as well as a friends room and two offices.

The ceiling is made of four skylights and is covered with greenery on top.

For a long time the house remained hidden from prying eyes,

until curious residents of the neighborhood began to notice the frequent transportation of building materials,

and they became interested in what kind of invisible construction was going on.

Soon the unusual house became known not only in the district, but throughout the world.

Not only curious onlookers come to see it, but also tourists from all over the world.

However, the owners of the house are not very happy about such popularity, and lead a separate lifestyle.

The house can be mostly seen in magazines and websites about architectural structures and styles.

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