The family lived in the apartment for 10 years, but were unaware that someone else was constantly living behind the hidden panel

An ordinary family lived for about 10 years in an apartment on the top floor of a townhouse. None of them had any idea that someone else had been living behind the hidden panel in the ceiling all this time: the secret passage was discovered by accident when a noise was heard outside. stage. The noises upstairs were heard by Sasha Jones, whose parents had lived in this apartment for a long time. She looked closer and noticed that one of the ceiling panels was moving away a bit. Soon the whole family was staring at the ceiling.

Sasha’s older brother tried to move the panel – he barely managed to do it. The cover device turned out to be such as to block the exit from the room. As a result, the man nevertheless climbed behind the stove and discovered a secret room. There was a bed in the corner, a bookcase occupied one of the walls. Things were covered in dust, but there were traces on the ground: obviously someone lived here and left a month ago at the most.

I try not to think that these facts are connected, – Sasha shared her experiences. The family left the strange apartment the next day. Sasha admitted that they just didn’t want to know who had been living in the attic all this time.



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