The family managed to build a warm and inexpensive home in just 1 year and videotaped instructions on how to do the same

Building your own home seems like a lifetime’s work for many. But the couple managed to cope with the task in just 1 year – during this time they managed not only to build the base case themselves, but also to carry out all communications and complete the interior decoration. Then the couple recorded a short informative video with instructions, where they noted all the expenses and explained step by step how to build a house according to their method. All work was carried out exclusively by themselves.

No member of the family had experience in building a house before – the head of the family works in IT, but knows how to use specialized literature. As it turned out in the process, this is quite enough. Having calculated all the required amount of materials, the spouses cleared the site, poured the foundation and began to build the box of the house from aerated concrete. This work lasted several months.

The midfield box in the early stages looked unsightly, but every day everything changed. Laying the walls turned out to be relatively simple, and the man coped with this task himself. The interior decoration was already much more complicated.

But here, too, the family decided not to invite specialists: they studied specialized literature, bought equipment and did everything themselves. The final version, a whole year of building a house, the family fits in a short video: with a goal and a desire, even a task such as building your own house becomes quite feasible.



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