The father drew a picture of what a kid does when he looks in the mirror.

Nothing is more delightful than hearing or seeing a baby giggle. Everyone can relate to it, and we all want to watch it on video. The story we’re sharing with you today is specifically about that; it’s about something that the father initially found rather frightening but eventually had to laugh over with his own youngster. After returning home for the holidays, Andrew White started unpacking, so he put their six-month-old child on his bedroom floor to wait for him to finish. The tiny infant was old enough to sit up by herself, but she was unable to crawl at the time.


Andrew heard the young boy start to laugh as he was suddenly sitting on the floor with his pillow. The parent overheard his infant chuckling by himself. within view of a mirror Like any interested individual, Andrew entered the room and began using his smartphone to capture everything. What could it be that was making the baby squeal with delight? It was clear that the son was spending some quality time with himself and the mirror as the father walked down the aisle.


The infant found his full-length reflection in Andrew’s bedroom mirror and found the “other baby” in the mirror to be amusing. The baby kept staring at the adorable little boy in the mirror as the father laughed at the predicament while filming it. His new best pal has captured his entire attention! This is the kind of video that makes you giggle uncontrollably! She serves as a gentle and innocent reminder that happiness is all around us; all we need to do is look for it. See the funny moment involving this small man and his mirror companion in the video below.


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